A Brief History of the Prince of Wales School

The Prince of Wales School (POW) was formally established in Freetown, Republic of Sierra Leone on April 6, 1925 to foster science education and studies in modern languages. Officially inaugurated by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, the School marked a turning point in the advancement of a balanced secondary education in Sierra Leone.

Since its inception, POW has demonstrated with consistency, an affinity for excellence in education by providing comprehensive and high quality education at the secondary school level. Numerous alumni of POW have served admirably in positions of trust, altruism and responsibility in Sierra Leone and in the international community.

School Leadership

Board of Governors

  1. Dr. Delwin Findlay - Chairman
  2. Dr. Kojo Carew
  3. Dr. Alistair Walton-Davies
  4. Alpha Badamasi Savage Esq.
  5. Albert Ojo-Collier Esq
  6. Kevin E. Davidson Esq
  7. Can. Emerson -Thomas - President OPWA
  8. Gibril Savage - President, Parent/Teachers Assoc. (PTA)
  9. Mrs. Millicent Ogoo - Secretary/Principal Senior Secondary School
  10. Rep. Freetown City Council
  11. Rep. Min. of Education

School Song

Introduced by The Late Principal , William J. Davies, M.B.E. (1936)

  1. Come swell the chorus one and all and join the ranks with me; Prosperity to the Prince's boys upstanding three times three. Dear as of old and dear as new and despite any storm Long live for many a thousand years our Prince of Wales, Kingtom


For searching Sierra Leone far and wide, no school can well be found; That sends forth truer gentlemen, or stands on firmer ground.

  1. 'T is not alone in science lore her manly sons excel; The cricket and the athletic grounds their tale of triumph tell. The Church, the State, the Camp and Bar, with varied voice attest, That whereso'er bright honour calls, her sons are with the best.
  2. As on her walls we read the names renowned in former days, With beating hearts we vow to match their daring and their praise; For who would care through time to drift with dull and drowsy face, Unworthy of his faith and name, his father and his race.
  3. Though scattered far we seldom meet the friends our boyhood knew, Old joys and griefs in memory dwell, toned down to sober hue, And as some well remembered name grows great, we glow with pride, To think that in our youthful days, we struggled at his side.
  4. And when at last old age is ours and manhood's strength has fled, And young ambition's fire is cold and earthly hopes lie dead; We feel our boyhood's thrill once more and think its just life's morn, And keep a niche within our hearts for Prince of Wales, Kingtom.