UK & Ireland Chapter

Founded in London in 1985, the Old Princewaleans UK & Ireland Branch is the oldest of the diasporan Chapters and in the twenty-three years of its existence our Association has made many significant charitable donations to the school. In recent years, greater cooperation with the USA Chapters has meant that we have been able to initiate or contribute towards even more ambitious support projects such as the provision, since 2005, of Association scholarships for pupils in the Senior Secondary School section as well as the recently commissioned Solar Powered Computer Lab at the school. Our Branch meeting is usually held every 3rd Sunday of the month at the West Indian Ex-Servicemen's Association Hall, 165-167 Clapham Manor Street, London SW4 and if you would like to receive notice of meetings please indicate via return email.

New Jersey Chapter

The Prince of Wales Alumni Association, New Jersey Chapter was formed in April 1996 and is the second oldest Prince Walean alumni association in the United States and third oldest outside of Sierra Leone. The Association currently has a membership of around 20 members with a core executive of 7 that ensures the association remains active and fulfills its obligations and goals. Though most of its membership is based in New Jersey, the Association primarily covers membership in the Northeast states of Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware. We also embrace membership from Prince Waleans wherever they may be and maintain a policy of “once a Prince Walean, always a Prince Walean.” As long as you are eager to help your alma mater you are welcome to join us, or any of the other associations.

California Chapter

The POWAA, CA. membership is composed of Prince Of Wales School alumni based in California. In this regard, it is similar to other local chapters in the USA and Europe. Most of the members are male, as the school is primarily a single-gender school. However, there has always been a small contingent of female students at the two highest grade levels in the school, and, as a result, most of the chapters have a small but very active number of female members.

Although the only criterion required for membership in the organization is registered attendance as a student at the school, most of the current membership includes professionals from various fields of work and expertise. The organization has, therefore, benefited from the strong academic, professional and philanthropic contributions of its present members. Alumni meet regularly each month, for deliberations and activities aimed at the overall improvement of the school. Since the association is a non-profit organization, member participation is, of course, voluntary. This has not diminished the determination or intense drive of the members, who put in a significant amount of man-hours in pursuit of their goals. Members also pay an annual subscription, which, like all other funds raised, goes towards financing various school improvement projects undertaken by the association.

Georgia USA Chapter

Prince Of Wales Alumni Association Georgia (USA) formed in 2003