1. The Bereavement Policy of OPWA is triggered upon the death of an active member (OPWA established criteria for "active"), or a close relative (limited category or type of "closeness") of an active member.
  2. The Bereavement Policy of OPWA mandates the use of ceremonial uniform on occasion of the death of an active member of OPWA, NOT of an active member's relative, regardless of the category or type of closeness.
  3. The Bereavement Policy of OPWA encourages the display of school color items (necktie, coat badge, hat band, etc.) to demonstrate support by the association in a unified fashion on occasion of the death of a close relative (where applicable) of an active member,.
  4. Whenever the Bereavement Policy of OPWA is triggered, the member who is the object of the policy is insulated from discussions in connection with implementation of the policy (email distribution must be adjusted and readjusted accordingly for the specific purpose), except only to the extent that s/he (the bereaved) is consulted by the social secretariat for information about funeral arrangements for the information of opwacore and, as a courtesy, for opwawash.
  5. The Bereavement Policy of OPWA calls for voluntary contribution (without a cap or ceiling) by members into a pool in the custody of the Treasurer who will ultimately deposit the total sum contributed into the association's bank account to be converted into association bank check that will comprise the unified gesture/kasankay by OPWA enclosed in a sympathy card for presentation to the bereaved member either at the repast, if any, or during a bereavement visit by OPWA to the member at her/his residence. The policy prohibits the expending of association's funds.

Policies and guidelines are of course subject to change or elimination at the discretion of the enacting entity. However, except and until such action is properly and officially initiated, existing policies and guidelines must serve their intended purpose.

Old Prince Waleans Association 
Washington Metropolitan Chapter