The holiday season reminds us that service to others is a key part of our association to bringing light, energy and success to the lives of students and staff of Prince of Wales School. Christmas reflects in us the true spirit of our dedication to helping the needy; to giving hope to all those in despair and spreading the message of hope and love.

During this Christmas season, may the joy of the holidays renew our commitment to working together as an association that’s committed to excellence and perseverance; let us continue to provide the means of a better life and educational experience for all those associated with the Prince of Wales School. As we celebrate the holidays with our families and friends, let us all contemplate the year as it comes to a close. Let us review our accomplishments, express our appreciation for the support we¹ve received and recognizes the challenges we have personally and as an association we have ahead. This will help us prepare and ready for the unknown challenges that await us all.

I am very grateful to you all for your support, constructive input including the challenges and successes we’ve endured during the year, and I look forward to your ideas, efforts and contributions in the upcoming year ahead. I’m also looking forward to the association welcoming new members and/or volunteers who can share with us their knowledge and experience as we continue to undertake the challenges of providing for our alma mater.

On behalf of the executive members of the association and their families, I want to wish you and your families a very happy and safe holiday season and the very best for the upcoming New Year.

Yours Sincerely,

Philip Palmer, Jr