Dear Prince Walean and/or supporter of the Prince of Wales School,

As we all reflect on what transpired during the past year, let us continue to be grateful for family, life, health and strength. I also want to thank you for the trust you have placed on me and the new executive body who you have voted to lead this honorable association.

The Old Princewalean Association (Washington, DC Metro Chapter) has very rich history with great deeds and actions done by many. Those who have served in the past have done this because of the love and gratitude they feel for the nurturing they received during their academic years at the school. We thank them for all their sacrifices done on behalf of our alma mater and promise that it will not go in vain.

The Prince of Wales school needs your help; the school many of us left behind is not the school in existence today. There have been various circumstances that have lead to this and it is up to us to assist in any way we can to allow the school to once again be the shining light it once was.

The association by itself and in conjunction with the other chapters in the United States and Great Britain perform many charitable acts towards the school in the form of scholarships, staff bonuses including various goods and services. We cannot do this alone and we need your help and support.

We have always had few members who have made small sacrifice of their valuable time to assist in the running of its affairs. We have this past year been fortunate to have new members who have decided to take on the mantle of leadership and responsibility. We also have some who have lent their time and voices during various planning committees for association events and we are grateful for that.

The association is always looking for new members to join the effort, members who can share their ideas and beliefs including taking an active role in the running of its affairs. We are appealing for as many of you to heed the call to serve the association in any capacity. We have a lot of work ahead of us and whatever you can do will be received with deep appreciation. Anyone wishing to receive more information about the organization, its membership and other general information including membership fees can go to our website at

Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Happy, safe and prosperous 2011 as we continue to work for the benefit and success of the Prince of Wales School.

Philip Palmer, Jr


Old Prince Waleans Association

Washington Metropolitan Chapter

P.O. Box 3072

Silver Spring, MD 20918-3072

Editor’s note: The following are the new OPWA-DC executive members:

1. Philip Palmer Jr. - President

2. Ahmed Tejan Koromah - Vice President

3. Shekito Mansaray - General Secretary

4. Omar Conteh - Assistant General Secretary

5. Christian Davies - Social Secretary

6. Sylvanus Newstead - Treasurer