California Chapter

The POWAA, CA. membership is composed of Prince Of Wales School alumni based in California. In this regard, it is similar to other local chapters in the USA and Europe. Most of the members are male, as the school is primarily a single-gender school. However, there has always been a small contingent of female students at the two highest grade levels in the school, and, as a result, most of the chapters have a small but very active number of female members.

Although the only criterion required for membership in the organization is registered attendance as a student at the school, most of the current membership includes professionals from various fields of work and expertise. The organization has, therefore, benefited from the strong academic, professional and philanthropic contributions of its present members. Alumni meet regularly each month, for deliberations and activities aimed at the overall improvement of the school. Since the association is a non-profit organization, member participation is, of course, voluntary. This has not diminished the determination or intense drive of the members, who put in a significant amount of man-hours in pursuit of their goals. Members also pay an annual subscription, which, like all other funds raised, goes towards financing various school improvement projects undertaken by the association.